January 17, 2017


Hi guys,
I know I haven’t published as many outfits as I wanted. However, it has been complicated having time to take photos to share with you. I hope this changes before next week. I bought a tripod, so I think that it’ll be easier. Now, I just need some time!

January 05, 2017


Hi guys,
First of all Welcome to 2017!

This New Year has already begun and as usual we make several plans and wishes that we hope to achieve. I’m not different from you and I also made some wishes. Some of them seem to be impossible to come true, but I don’t want to stop dreaming and believing in them. We must always believe that we can do what we want. We must be strong, assertive and believe that everything is possible. 2016 was a complicated year for me. I felt that some dreams could never be realized and I felt down. However, here I am dreaming the same dreams and creating new ones. Even if I didn’t realise them this year, one day they’ll be true. “HOPE NEVER DIES”.